MAKOSH macrame & decor

Hello dear friends! We are ukrainian brand which was established in 2014. For all these years we kept creating stylish wedding decor in our city in Ukraine. Our favourites were boho weddings where we always added macrame elements to make them more stylish and trendy. Unfortunately due to all the sad events happening in our country we had to leave our house and move.
But life goes on and we don't want to give up. We decided to continue our work and to keep creating something beautiful for our amazing world. This is how we came up with the idea to create macrame shop where we offer trendy accessories like handbags, cosy interior decor elements, usefull and yet stylish things for your home and your loved ones.

Multimedia collage

Boho home decor

Stylish, handmade, high quality macrame products to make your space comfortable, cosy,... 

Accessories for women

Here you will find women bags, handbags, phone holders, shopping bags and... 

Macrame for your boho wedding or photoshoot

We can create anything you want to make bohemian atmosphere of your special occasions

MAKOSH macrame & decor

Our products are 100% natural, handmade and every knot is made with love.

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  • For NATURALNESS lovers

    Our macrame products are made of 100% natural cotton threads. Everything is hypoallergenic. The best choice for you and for your home.

  • For BOHO lovers

    Boho style is not just a style, it's philosofy of freedom, creativity, experiments, respect for nature and all living things. Join us if you share the same values.

  • For HANDMADE lovers

    All our products are handmade. Every knot is made with love and care by talented hands of our masters.